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Meet COPERNICS. Our patented 3D-positioning optical markers specially designed to work with ALBION and our other tracking and calibration systems.
These little IR emitters allow you to track the position and movement of performers, screens, stage scenery and props almost invisibly.

They’re super easily integrated into most structural elements, so providing the right data for real-time automatic calibration for projectors and camera systems is easy.



• Weight: 52.23 g (w/ batteries and board)

• Size: H 70mm x L 65mm x W 30mm


• Weight : 41.23 g

• Size: H 25.1mm x L 56.8mm x W 13.3mm

• Input: Mini USB


Constellation Calibration Line

• Cable Length (m): 5m or 10m

• Weight: 2 kg

• Cable Color: Black

• Sphere Color: White + Reflective tape

Single Bud

• Cable Length: 9cm

• Weight: 16.91g

• Cable Color: Black, White

• Sphere Color: White

Duo Buds

• Cable Length: 1.5m

• Weight: 82.92 g

• Cable Color: Black, White

• Sphere Color: White


• Cable Length: 10cm

• Weight: 55g

• Size: L 59mm x H 120mm x W 61mm (w/ cable strain relief)

COPERNIC Underwater

• Cable Length (m) 0.6

• Weight (g) 150

• Length (mm) 115

• Height (mm) 100

• Width (mm) 61

• (w/ cable strain relief)

• Cable Color: Black

• Pipe Color: Frosted clear