Introducing TACHYON to the VYV Family

May 5, 2017
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May 5, 2017 John David Hickey

Introducing TACHYON to the VYV Family

VYV is proud and excited to announce the release of TACHYON, its latest and most affordable addition to the family.

Tachyon distills many of Photon’s most attractive features, such as 3D calibration and the 3D Scene and Timeline modules. But Tachyon is still easy to use and features versatility and the ability to produce stunning video projections. Fueled, housed, and boosted by the sleek and powerful NVIDIA Shield TV console, Tachyon puts the reins in your hands to bring your vision to new life.

  • Full Playback, No Compromises
  • No space is too complex to calibrate
  • Designing for a 3D world in a 3D reality
  • Familiar, intuitive Timeline
  • Efficiently drive High-Definition content

We also wish to acknowledge and thank our team members for their dedication, their passion, and their commitment to making VYV technology a beautiful thing to behold.