• 3D Animation Curve tutorial


This tutorial is a follow-up to the 3D Animation Curve tutorial.


  1. Open the 3D Scene module. Select {System > 3D Scene} or press [Alt+C].
  2. Open the Rendering module. Select {System > Tools > Rendering} or press [Alt+R].
  3. Press the folder icon to open the file dialog window. (use skin image here)
  4. Browse and select a destination folder.
  5. Name the output video file and press [Export].
  6. Set the Output Resolution by adjusting the Width and Height sliders.
  7. Set the In and Out Points on the Timeline. Use 0 and 10 seconds as values in the context of this tutorial.
  8. Set the Frame Rate. (It should match your project and medias’ frame rates.)
  9. Select an option from the MSAA dropdown menu to set the level of anti-aliasing.
  10. Select the render Format.
    • VCI: to keep the video in PHOTON (flatten a composition for example).
    • MP4: to export a reference video.
  1. Select {Preview 3D} from the render Output Mode dropdown menu.
  2. Select which Sequence to render from the dropdown menu.
  3. Open the 3D Scene module. Select {System > 3D Scene} or press [Alt+C].
  4. Make sure to select the appropriate Rendering Mode. Select {View > any mode Rendering}or press [W] to cycle through Rendering Modes.
  1. Open the FX Graph module. Select {Show > FX Graph} or press [Alt+X].
  2. Click on the [Add Node] button and click-drag a /Time Source/ node (located under source) in the Graph window.
  3. Click-drag a /Rescale/ node (located under Math) in the Graph window.
  4. Connect the yellow output (Numeric) of the /Time Source/ node to the input of the /Rescale/ node.
  5. Replace the /Curve~/ node in the Graph by the /Time Source/ and /Rescale/ node combination.
  6. Select the /Rescale/ node and adjust the Max In slider to 10. (This will insure the 3D Camera movement will happen during the 10 first seconds of the Sequence.)
  7. Open the Timeline module. Select {Show > Timeline} or press [Alt+T].
  8. Add an FX Graph Clip on the Timeline. Adjust the Clip’s length so it fits the first 10 seconds of the Timeline.
  9. Select the Graph from the dropdown menu in the FX Graph Properties.
  10. Navigate back to the 3D Scene module and change the Default Camera to the Camera set as “Primitive ref” in the Graph.
  11. Navigate back to the Rendering module and Activate the [Record] button and wait for the task to finish

Other Step-By-Steps: