After a hiatus, Jeannot Painchaud returns to direct this show that positively crackles with daring and modernity. Created in 2009, Cirque Éloize’s iD blends circus arts and urban dance: b-boying/b-girlin, breakdance, and hip-hop.

Set in a public space in the heart of a city, people seek refuge and a chance to shed their anonymity. Stimulated with a soundtrack created by composers Jean-Phi Goncalves (Beast) and Alex McMahon, this is a place where identities are forged and individuality is expressed.

In this 8th original creation, the company breaks new ground by integrating multimedia, producing a unique feel. Fifteen performers from 12 disciplines create iD’s entertaining and resolutely urban universe, which is in keeping with Cirque’s tradition of using multidisciplinary performers from around the world.

Executive producer
Jonathan St Onge

Stage designer
Robert Massicotte

Music designers
Jean Phi Goncalves
Alex Mc Mahon

Lighting designer
Nicolas Des côteaux

Video content designers
Robert Massicotte
Alexis Laurence

Costume designer
Linda Brunnelle

Photon programmer
Simon Méthot

VYV Credits:

PHOTON was used to deform and drive the show’s video in high resolution (2304×1024 px) on a complex scenery.

  • SHARE:

    Cirque Eloize



  • WHEN:

    Since July 2010

  • WHERE:

    World Tour

  • Show director

    Jeannot Painchaud

  • Executive producer

    Jonathan St Onge

  • Costume designer

    Kym Barrett

  • Lighting designer

    Etienne Boucher

  • Video content designer

    Pedro Pirès

  • Video provider