The Network Monitor allows users to have an overview of the current activity on a PHOTON network.


  • Computer Name list.
  • Connections status:
    • Localhost: Computer is the local server.
    • Ok: Computer is connected and responding.
    • ⚠️: Computer has not responded for over one second.
    •  – : Computer is not connected.
  • CPU Usage in %.
  • Disk reading speed in megabytes per second.
  • Ram usage in %.
  • Video ram usage in %.
  • GPU usage in %.
  • GPU temperature in Celsius degrees.
  • Photon Network usage in %.
  • Frames per second outputted by the overall system.
  • Current task completion in % (import, conversion, etc.).
  • User Interface and openGL context status:
    • UI: user interface is displayed.
    • NFS: not full screen, Photon GL Context is not covering the entire span of the outputs.
    • OK: everything is fine and no UI is shown.

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