Le Dragon Bleu

Le Dragon Bleu is result of a creative collaboration of Robert Lepage (winner of the 2007 Europe Theatre Prize)and Marie Michaud (co-author of The Dragons’ Trilogy). The show is performed by Lepage, Michaud, and dancer Tai Wei Foo. Le Dragon Bleu bears all the hallmarks of Lepage’s original, brilliant, and highly visual style, but it hinges upon the one inexhaustible resource the theatre possesses: the audience’s intelligence and imagination.

VYV Credits

PHOTON server, used for all video projections and interactivity

  • SHARE:

    Ex Machina

  • WHEN:

    April 2008 - September 2013

  • WHERE:

    North America, Europe, Australia, Japan

  • Projection Designer & Video Manager

    David Leclerc