Rocking the landscape with v8.1

June 19, 2017
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June 19, 2017 John David Hickey

Rocking the landscape with v8.1

On May 5th, 2017, VYV rocked the real-time video technology landscape with the much-anticipated release of version 8.1 of its flagship products: Photon, Xenon, and Albion.

Version 8.1 is the shining result of over 12 years of innovation in the video projection industry. Here are just a few of the new features in Photon v8.1, but for a complete list, register with VYV and access the customer Portal:

A redesigned File Manager:

  • Preview digital media and 3D objects

3D Scene

  • Export projectors/camera pyramids as models
  • Automatically extend projector/camera frustum to the closest surface
  • New Moving Light objects
  • New Lighting surface primitives
  • Target tracking mode for Projectors and Moving Lights objects

New FX Tools

  • New FX modules include Vortex Force, Relighting, Smooth, Lighting Multicam, Silhouette, solid color, gradients, …
  • Particles can now be shaded by scene lights


  • Universal Cross Fade
  • Alpha visualization via a checkerboard
  • New Surface Mixer widget
  • Audio waveform now appears in the Timeline
  • Timeline now features advanced search


  • Supports Bluefish444 and AJA Kona4 live input cards
  • Support of 14bit MIDI faders

User Interface

  • New colour scheme across the application
  • Better VNC support for remote access
  • Oculus VR support with multi-user, 3D visualization

Automatic Alignment

  • Redesigned workflow, improved quality, and reliability
  • Improved real-time projector alignment workflow and filtering
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