In late October 2012, VYV was contacted by Franco Dragone Entertainment Group for a large-scale event. Production was to start in eight weeks, with the premiere scheduled for February 28 of 2013.

This production needed 48 projectors (20,0000 lumens each) and 19 Photon servers, it featured a wide variety of surfaces, drapes, and curtains as projection surfaces. They had a total production time of only five weeks to make it all come together as a breathtaking visual poem.

Photon’s calibration of the 3D volume of the scene proved to be a powerful asset. It allowed them to seamlessly track automated surfaces and the occlusions as they were generated on other surfaces.

Tech specs

19 Photon servers | 48 20K Projectors

  • Client

    Franco Dragone

  • When

    January to March 2013

  • Where

    Abu Dhabi