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What does it take to make a wild idea achievable? To transform an ordinary space into something spectacular? To turn a creative vision into a seemingly impossible feat? It takes the right tools.

Welcome to our suite of products. Our ever-evolving technologies offer you the high-end media server you need for your production—no matter how small or how unimaginably complex.

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The all-in-one media server for infinite possibilities.


The all-in-one media server for infinite possibilities.


Move into next-level architectural mapping.


Move into next-level architectural mapping.


The get-up-and-go compact media server.


The get-up-and-go compact media server.


The next dimension of 3D tracking.


The next dimension of 3D tracking.


Mark your show.
Make your show.


Mark your show.
Make your show.


Our servers just got a full makeover.


Our servers just got a full makeover.


V10 is now available.


V10 is now available.


Features Highlight


Over the years PHOTON distinguished itself through the use of 3D data to provide outstanding volumetric effects and unparalleled precision during calibration. The recent addition of LIDAR support as well as depth sensing and processing tools has extended the capacities of our systems beyond its ability to virtually reconstruct the surrounding space.

The acquisition of volumetric data in real time allows position and orientation tracking as well as morphology tracking for multiple moving targets. Interactive applications in the field of live productions and permanent installations are limitless.


When professional color grading tools were included in PHOTON years ago, we felt that artists needed proper space to express themselves. This why we worked hard to provide our users a 16-bit per channel color workflow and HDR output capabilities. You can now import LUT files or ASC CDL profiles to ensure color continuity in video content through all the steps of a production. Multiple color tools were added to PHOTON V.10 to facilitate matching, color space transposition or just to stimulate your creativity.


More than a simple media delivery system, PHOTON is a true show control hub able to decipher multiple protocols and interoperate with a wide variety of equipment and software. We have taken a step further and created a fluid environment where an artist can seamlessly import scenes produced in Blender or directly control Notch blocks from the confines of our software.

Even better, one can now easily connect sensor data to interactive components residing in scenes built with third-party application such as Unreal Engine. Our FX Graph module features an ever expanding collection of nodes that will help you connect PHOTON to other devices such as virtual studio equipment or DMX-compatible products.

LIDAR Depth Sensing

• Depth sensor tracking
Connect multiple LIDARs to PHOTON and track targets using volumetric data.

• Live point cloud acquisition and processing
Acquire, align and merge volumetric data from multiple LIDARs.

• Depth data recording and playback
Record a live performance’s volumetric data and use it for programming whenever you want.

Calibration & Tracking

• Improved wand calibration
Calibrate small areas efficiently with this upgraded version of the wand method.

• Precision and latency optimization
Twice as fast and precise, our tracking methods now support higher resolution allowing for smoother, non-jittery data even for fast-moving objects or small space contexts.

• Dynamic projector blending improvements
New blending mode that automatically selects and blends the optimal projectors for a moving surface based on their orientation and potential occlusions.

• Multi-view calibration improvements
Reject points that are not viewed by multiple cameras and factor in lens distortion and orientation priors to improve calibration.

3D Scene

• Blender scenes support
Import .BLEND files along with their geometry content and hierarchy through the File Manager.

• Improved primitives shading
Create detailed previsualizations with shaded rendered volumes without the help of additional lights.

• Post FX render mode
This new feature adds flexibility to the rendering pipeline by allowing Timeline-based interventions to the rendered outputs intended for the projectors. Post-processing effects can now be easily applied to a rendered 3D scenes or individual components.

• Advanced Search
Easily unfold 3D objects’ hierarchies and reveal nested content.

HDR Workflow

• 16-bit GPU output
Hardware accelerated video output up to 16-bit per channel to display colors beyond deep.

• HDR output support
Output high dynamic-range video content out of PHOTON.

• OpenEXR support
Import files using Industrial Light & Magic’s own high dynamic-range image format into PHOTON.

Color Management

• 16-bit color processing pipeline
Image processing across the software is now executed in 16-bit.

• ASC CDL support
You can now exchange color grading information between PHOTON and equipment or software supplied by third-party manufacturers.

• LUT support
Import LUT files in .CUBE format to color grade content directly in PHOTON.

Media Management

• New media versioning system
Use media versioning to facilitate media replacement across entire projects whenever new content is imported.

• EDL support
Import EDLs from an editing software to automatically transpose your video project’s structure to PHOTON’s Timeline.


• Multiple Timeline UI improvements
Amongst many: ability to lock region and sequence, snap behavior improvements, new Rate Stretch tool, additional drag-and-drop gestures, etc.

• Enhanced Timeline trays
The Timeline now features a new keyframe tray and an upgraded soundwave tray that facilitates editing and animation tasks.

• Individual keyframe interpolation
Choose an interpolation type for each keyframe.

• Keyframe loop animations
Multiple loop behaviors are now available to speed up animation tasks.


• Dither FX and 3D Noise
Use noise generators to reduce banding artefacts or generate 3D pseudo-random patterns.

• Glitch FX
Simulate tape-like VHS distortion and JPEG damage.

• Mask FX
Draw masks to control the blending behavior of specific image regions.

• Color tools FX (map, transfer and transform)
Take advantage of creative color remapping, transfer a color from a selected source or transform its color space.


• New logic and data nodes:
o Store
o Counter

• New I/O and system nodes:
o Audio Wave
o Matrix
o Network Monitor

• Game building support
New functions and nodes were added in order to provide game-building capacities to the Graph.

• Node texture preview
Directly preview the texture output of a node within a Graph.

• New Graph assets
Use PHOTON’s preprogrammed graph assets for training and inspiration.


• DMX fixture management upgrade
Our completely redesigned DMX UI greatly improves readability and usability.

• External media and node control through DMX fixtures
Use DMX fixtures to control all of PHOTON’s media and node parameters directly from a lighting console.

• Seamless integration with professional lighting consoles
Smooth transitions, automated fixture fades and full control feedback are now easily available thanks to a complete and seamless data integration with professional lighting consoles.


• Upcoming release of TACHYON 2.0
Our powerful, scalable, small form factor media server got a major make-over. Stay tuned. (Pre-release version available.)

• Compact hardware
TACHYON runs on a robust small form factor desktop computer.

• H.265 GPU optimized playback
Take advantage of the hardware acceleration provided by TACHYON’s platform.

Virtual Production Toolset

• Unreal Engine rendering support
Use PHOTON to interact in real time with an Unreal scene’s content.

• Improved Notch support
Build content using Notch within the context of PHOTON.

• Mo-Sys StarTracker protocol support
POTON can now ingest this optical camera tracking protocol.

• FreeD protocol support
Position and orientation data relayed by this protocol will help integrate PTZ camera systems in a PHOTON workflow.

• Automatic Color Matching
Perform color calibration to match cameras, projectors and LED screens to ensure continuity in virtual studio setups.