Photon is the optimum media server solution for live entertainment, immersive experiences and permanent installations, meeting extraordinary video requirements and real-time control needs. It allows for uncompressed video playback at tremendous resolutions (up to 8K x 8K or 16Kx4K or 64Mpixels), displaying video using an unlimited number of projectors. Using any mix of automation data, motion-capture techniques and proprietary VYV technologies, Photon manages alignment and edge blending on any surface shape, while in movement, in real-time. An innovative automated projector calibration feature, using VYV’s proprietary Copernic emitters and Constellation calibration grids, vastly reduces installation time required and its robustness has been established through years of operation in challenging, high-profile contexts such as rock tours and permanent installations.

LED surfaces are easily managed in Photon, with accurate simulation of their pixel pitch, unlimited quad mapping between the content and the output to controller, and flexible virtual projector features to treat several screens as one.

Photon’s timeline interface makes it simple to author shows using real-time graph based effects and particles, compositing and colour grading, allowing for immediate changes and in-rehearsal iteration. For added interactivity and synchronization, all parameters can be slaved to external controls (UDP, Art-Net, MIDI, SMPTE time-code, audio analysis).

A fully featured 3D scene allows FBX files of projection surfaces to be loaded and manipulated. The pre-visualisation feature shows accurate shadows, as well as a heat map of incident luminous intensity (in lux), as well as pixel size, overlapping pixel shapes and blend zone visualisation.

Tracking of projection surfaces is an integral part of Photon, which accepts PosiStageNet data from an Albion server to track projection surfaces’ position, orientation and even deformation. Albion’s data can also be used to drive interactive behaviours.

Photon networks are easily controlled and are built with robustness and reliability in mind. Media management is simple, with import operations done once and propagated automatically through the Photon network. Photon’s live backup system allows for a backup machine to instantly take over from any other.

Photon systems can drive up to 8 HD outputs or 4 4K outputs, and come standard with 6 TB of storage space and 4K SDI live input, with several options available for storage, live input and pro audio.

Photon systems are available for purchase or rental. Drop us a note on our Contact page or enquire with one of our Solution Providers.