Move The Unmoveable.

Move into next-level architectural mapping.


Get to know XENON.

This mover and shaker media server was built for architectural video mapping—and specifically for production elements that don’t move. In other words, it allows you to create motion effects that would otherwise seem impossible.

Full 3D geometric correction and the latest robust software allow for epic video projection quality complete with a host of other features.


XENON’s Features

Calibration & Blending

Project on any kind of complex geometry and blend as many projectors as desired with total precision. Using a combination of light sensors, cameras, reflective optical markers and active emitters, you will be able to automatically align and blend arrays of video projectors in any kind of situation and over any surface.

Manual calibration | Projection surface auto-calibration | Mesh Warping | Mapping Tools for LED Screens

Professional Editing

Our intuitive Timeline makes it easy to edit, compose or playback multiple layers of video for anyone who has experience with professional media workstations. XENON was designed to provide real-time tools to respond to almost any kind of on-site creative request.

Familiar editing tools | Multiple Timelines linked to individual screens | Retiming and frame blending | Animation and keyframing | Multilayer compositing

Color Correction

The color correction module enables precise and advanced control of colors per clip, thanks to a simple, familiar but powerful interface. The ability to store and recall looks quickly and easily saves you a serious amount of re-rendering time on site.

Real-time color grading system | Familiar color correction tools | Curve editors | Looks storage and recall | Multiclip color correction

Media Management

XENON media servers work together as a whole, from media import to video output and everything in between. Under the hood, each XENON in a network shares the content you import at very high rates using VYV’s internal TCP-based peer-to-peer sharing protocol.

Full network management for every asset | Media playlists and sorting tools | Previzualization of media and 3D objects


XENON supports professional audio interfaces and is able to take over all of the hardware’s output channels. Using them is simply a matter of loading clips with any number of audio tracks and mapping them to the audio device’s playback channels however you like. It’s that easy.

Full ASIO support | Audio wave previsualization | Audio analysis | Multichannel playback

I/O Integration

XENON has the built-in ability to control, and be controlled by, a whole ecosystem of devices typically found in shows. Our servers are fluent in MIDI, Art-Net, TCP and UDP. We made sure that language barriers would never become a hurdle in developing synergies with other products through external control.

Projector control | Matrix control | Midi | Art-Net | Network messages | Live video input | NDI | OSC | VR (Oculus & Open VR) | Notch | Stype | Joypad/direct Input

Advanced Compositing

XENON features a collection of built-in effects and an advanced layer blending system so you can create astounding visual scenes.

Blending modes | Stack FX | Alpha channel support

Ridiculously High-Resolution Playback

XENON has been designed to accommodate stadium-sized venues featuring multiple large-scale screens. Such set-ups require very high-resolution content. Our uncompressed playback architecture allows the server to display high resolution media content without any color space or temporal compression. Rich colors and rapid motion content are smoothly expressed without any loss.

Image sequence playback | Real-time media splitting | Screen-based conversion and splitting | Frame blending | High-quality interpolation for slow motion | Frame-accurate multiserver playback

Show Control

XENON’s ability to communicate with stage automation software and trigger cues internally or externally makes our server the ideal orchestra conductor for any multisystem show control set-up.

Interface with Stage Automation Equipment | Cue-based Automation

Previsualization & Projection Study

XENON allows you to create full 3D-project simulations. Our software features a complete toolbox that will greatly ease the production of projection studies. Our previsualization tools will help you plan your project and give you an almost unfair edge when it comes to predicting the outcome of your work.

Projection and lighting previsualization | Projector, camera and moving light array generator | .OBJ import/export | .FBX import | Intensity heat map | Pixel simulation | Shadow simulation | Accurate projector stats | Tracking volume simulation