Projects using VYV technologies

Permanent Show

From Franco Dragone to Cirque du Soleil, we worked alongside some of the most creative minds globally to create and push the technological boundaries of permanent shows.

These shows fuse circus arts, music, theatre, and visual effects to create unforgettable entertainment. Advanced technology, elaborate props, and intricate costumes are used to create visually stunning and otherworldly environments. Spectacular visual effects are an integral part of these shows. VYV’s flagship product, PHOTON, has grown and transformed over the years to accommodate the requirements and demands of creative teams. ALBION, our Tracking system, is born on the bleachers of those unique theatres.


Stadium and Outdoor Events

In the realm of stadiums and outdoor events, video projection plays a pivotal role in enhancing the spectacle of sports events, particularly during grand occasions like opening ceremonies and national days.

During opening ceremonies of major sporting events, PHOTON transforms the stadium into an enormous canvas, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. VYV’s technology is designed to accommodate large-scale environments, such as managing more than 150 projectors and automatically calibrating them.



Video projection and tracking have revolutionized the world of music touring shows by offering artists and audiences a dynamic and immersive visual experience, bringing a new dimension to the music on stage.

Our fast and repeatable automatic calibration system helped bring on the road some of the most demanding arena shows ever created. Those projects are challenging due to the complexity of setups, short production and rehearsal and everyday load in and load out.


Architectural and Public Space

Architectural Video projection mapping is a captivating art form that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

XENON helped built the one of the largest outdoor projection trail in the world with Quartier des Spectacles, TACHYON – our latest more compact product – was specifically designed for Montreal en Histoires another architectural mapping parcours for the 375 anniversary of Montreal. We had the chance to use our calibration technology to light up some of the most beautiful buildings around the world including Strasbourg cathedral and Saint Louis former grand central station.


Theatre & indoor spectacles

The integration of video projection and interactivity in the world of theatre and indoor spectacles has brought about a renaissance in storytelling and audience engagement. This dynamic combination has revolutionized the way we experience live performances, breaking the traditional boundaries of the stage.

PHOTON can transform ordinary spaces into immersive landscapes, and interactive elements invite spectators to become active participants, ushering in a new era of theatrical innovation. VYV had the chance to work with great creators such has Robert Lepage and Pilon & Lemieux.