Initial Calibration

ALBION uses its own proprietary camera calibration method which does not involve time-consuming procedures such as “wanding” known objects of space for several minutes or hours. Furthermore, these procedures scale with size – larger spaces lengthen the procedure, making it unwieldy in an arena, and entirely unusable in a stadium.

Albion’s approach is entirely different, unique and specially developed by VYV for live show contexts. VYV CONSTELLATION calibration lines are deployed in the tracking volume and cameras can then be calibrated at a rate of approximately 0.3 seconds per camera, with high-precision results including position, orientation, any custom focal length, as well as lens distortion.

Live Recalibration

By embedding VYV COPERNIC IR emitters in the cameras’ field of view, ALBION is even able to perform recalibration in show conditions.

Should a camera get knocked, or if cameras are mounted in areas susceptible to movement during the show, ALBION can recalibrate new positions and orientations from the cameras all while continuing to perform motion capture – a truly unique and advanced feature only available with ALBION.


High-Performance Tracking

VYV’s proprietary tracking algorithms are tuned for show conditions and optimized for active, uniquely identifiable VYV COPERNIC IR emitters.

As a result, they can process large numbers of tracking points and fast-moving objects without running the risk of confusing one point for another.

High Fault Tolerance

ALBION’s tracking algorithm is built for show conditions and allows for high fault tolerance.

If a single camera is knocked over, this is detected by the system and this camera’s results are then disregarded.
In fact, as long as emitters are still being seen by properly calibrated cameras, more than half the cameras could have been decalibrated and the results returned by Albion are still precise.

Open Standards Support

ALBION communicates all tracking information to PHOTON display servers as well as any device supporting PosiStageNet, an open protocol developed by VYV and MA Lighting (the manufacturers of the GrandMA lighting console) and adopted by a growing number of vendors in the show industry.

Additionally, Albion can control fixtures directly through ArtNet, and can receive cues via ArtNet as well.


Photon Control

In addition to providing stage positioning through motion capture techniques and VYV’s custom tracking algorithms, ALBION can also serve as a dual-head video controller for PHOTON systems.

All of the Photon servers on a show behave as a single system controlled through Albion’s UI, including show programming, content import, operation, projector automatic calibration and more. A server room full of Photon servers is as easy to operate as a single machine, and the amount of systems used is largely abstracted from the user.

Live Backup

Tracking can be a central feature of a show’s lighting or projection without which it should not operate.

ALBION’s architecture is designed to allow several controllers to run in parallel, with a live backup ready to take over should a hardware failure occur.