Light The Way.

Enter a new dimension of 3D tracking.


Meet ALBION: spatial reconstruction, tracking, and next-level interactivity.

With these superpowers, the ALBION media server helps you build fully integrated interactive visual media with the help of specialized cameras and optical markers.

Track widely. Beautifully.

ALBION’s agile, high-performance tracking system works just as well in small spaces as large venues.

Specifically, it tracks our Copernics IR emitters in 3D at 240 Hz through infrared cameras to provide position, speed and acceleration vectors. Fitted on screens, costumes or props, these emitters give ALBION enough data to not only locate elements but also to detect their orientation and any changes in shape. That’s a thing of beauty.

Because it’s tailored to specific show conditions, ALBION’s tracking algorithm also allows for high fault tolerance. ALBION can filter out visual noise caused by lighting equipment or misaligned cameras, giving you a clear picture.

Calibrate simply.

ALBION effortlessly calibrates cameras and screens. After completing an instant, automatic calibration, it collects information to maintain perfect image alignment in real time—even when screens or projectors move. That’s efficiency.

Operate easily.

ALBION is not only a workhorse in providing stage positioning through motion capture techniques, it also serves as a dual-head video controller for PHOTON.

All of the PHOTON servers on a show behave as a single system listening to ALBION’s control data stream. Seamless and synched.


ALBION’s Features

Data Capture and Treatment

ALBION has the amazing ability to acquire and treat in real time data provided by a vast array of optical devices, such as cameras and light sensors. Our server can reconstruct in 3D any change to any screen in any venue of any size and provide positioning data to PHOTON or any other connected devices.

• 3D tracking and volumetric data capture
• Robust and fully scalable tracking solution

• Tracking data treatment and interactivity

Lighting Equipment Interoperation

ALBION is designed to be the perfect companion for lighting designers and their favorite equipment. Our server integrates seamlessly with the grandMA lighting console and most motorized lighting fixtures to provide amazing automated and interactive behaviors.

• Open standard protocols
• Seamless merge of control parameters with lighting consoles
• Full grandMA integration

• Video gobo control
• Light and video content previsualization
• Moving lights automation
• Intelligent light spill management

Video Content Generation and Calibration

ALBION can push 3D data to PHOTON to create live visual effects and provide support for advanced intelligent calibration processes.

• Automatic calibration
• Real-time projector alignment

• Interactivity and generative content