VYV can provide counsel and guidance at every stage of a production, be it live-video for the stage, monumental projection mapping or interactive installation. We broke down our service offer along a project timeline to help visualize how we can intervene to help you deliver the show you dream of.










Early conceptual explorations and technical validations will have a tremendous impact on the outcome of a project. Make sure to contact our experts at the very beginning of your creative process.

Design Intent | Projection Study | Calibration Study | Tracking Study | System Schematics | Third-party Design Review

Design Intent

Early conceptual exploration of VYV’s technology impact on the project aimed at providing targets and guidelines for subsequent phases.

Technical Documents

Projection Study

Documents detailing optimal projector positioning and lens type as well as projection coverage, brightness and related pixel density.

Calibration Study

Documents identifying the ideal calibration method for a project and detailing the equipment needed to provide it such as optical markers and cameras as well as their position.

Tracking Study

Documents detailing optimal camera type, positioning and lens type and optical marker integration into props and costumes in order to track objects within a specified volume accurately.

System Schematics

Single-line drawings detailing system components and their organization.

Third-party Design Review

Review of client-provided drawings and design intent to ensure optimal system performance.



These constitute the core of VYV’s services. This is when your ideas finally take shape. This is the reason we love our work.

3D Acquisition | Preproduction | System Installation | Show | Documentation & Training | Product Customization | And more…

3D Acquisition

The very first phase of a production is centered on the acquisition and treatment of geometry data.


Physical volume scanning to acquire geometry data that will be used to create models for screens, props or any kind of object.


Construction of simplified 3D models from geometry data that will be integrated as assets.

UV Mapping

Creation of the models’ texture space that will allow their use as projection surfaces.


Early production phase conducted off-site in order to prepare equipment and media so technical and design issues can be addressed before moving on.


First pass of show programming including 3D models and media imports as well as event sequencing on a timeline.


Complete immersive show simulation including video projection, sets and lighting that can be outputted as a video file or displayed in a VR headset.


Workshops conducted with the client to explore the potentialities offered by our technology and test out concepts on a technical and creative basis.

System Installation

Proper system installation is critical. Our team will support you through this process so you can reach optimal system performance.

Factory Acceptance Testing Support

Support for the factory acceptance test (FAT) procedure of the project.

Site Acceptance Testing Support

Support for the site acceptance test (SAT) procedure of the project.

System Integration Support

Support offered to the project’s integrator to ensure optimal VYV equipment operation.

Show Programming

Main production phase where most of the show is programmed and VYV’s implication is solicited on both creative and technical aspects of the project.

Media Import

Large scale video projects imply a work phase dedicated to media management and transfer on servers.

Timeline Editing

Creation of the show’s structure through a creative assemblage of media components as well as events such as cues into sequences.

VFX, Compositing & Color Grading

Creation of visual compositions as well as color correction through advanced image manipulation.

External System Integration

Integration of our technology in complex frameworks to interact with various third-party systems belonging to other departments such as automation and lighting.

Automated Back-Up Programming

Deployment of automated systems that will provide failsafe mechanisms in cases of potential malfunction in order to preserve a show’s integrity during its execution.


Running a show is a task in itself. VYV can provide technicians to do a job or support its client’s own team.

Documentation & Training

Specialized documentation has to be handed out to the client in order to finally deliver a project and ensure autonomous operation.

System Configuration Guide

Project-specific documentation produced to support basic system maintenance and configuration.

Show Operation Guide

Show-specific documentation produced to support technicians during show operation.

Hand-over Training

Training provided on-site by our experts to the client’s team to ensure smooth operation.

Product Customization

Some projects necessitate additional software or hardware features which are not currently part of our product line. VYV can offer custom development services in order to address exceptional problems.

Initial Analysis

Analysis of the obstacle’s nature and identification of a technological solution.

Proof of Concept

Scientific literature review followed by the completion of initial tests to establish the validity of the selected technological solution.

Research & Development

Hardware or software development phase characterized by multiple iterations and tests.


Production of an alpha prototype of the technological solution and subsequent testing to ensure the future release of a refined version.


Final testing phase executed in VYV’s lab, at the client’s facilities or on-site with a finished version of the technological solution in presence of the client to ensure smooth show integration.



VYV provides support services internationally to its clients and can directly assist them on maintenance operations.

System Upgrade Integration | Remote Access Support | Remote Electronic Support

System Upgrade Integration

Support offered by our team to the integrators during system upgrade operations.

Remote Access Support

Using remote assistance software to access distant servers, our team can provide support from VYV’s lab to our clients.

Remote Electronic Support

VYV has deployed over the years a support infrastructure to remotely support our clients. Place a support ticket or chat directly with our experts to get some help.



VYV offers different types of training depending on the client’s needs and the project’s context.

Online Tutorials | In-Office Training | Remote Training | On-Site Training

Online Tutorials

Video lessons followed by practical exercises will help introduce our clients to our systems.

In-Office Training

Personalized training sessions in VYV’s lab with our resident experts.

Remote Training

Personalized training sessions in remote from our lab using video conferencing and remote access software to train our client’s team.

On-Site Training

Fly our team for personalized training sessions on the project’s site.