Privacy Policy

v 1.0

To understand this policy

The VYV Privacy Policy is intended for any VYV customer, any person or company who communicates with us, by whatever means, and any person about whom VYV collects personal information in the normal course of business.

The Policy applies to the personal information that VYV collects about you as detailed below.

You will have the opportunity to consent to the collection and processing of your personal information and you can withdraw this consent at any time. However, it may not be possible for us to provide you with certain products and services without this consent. Also note that we may need to retain certain information to meet legal or regulatory obligations.

VYV may, from time to time and at its sole discretion, modify this privacy policy. If necessary, we will publish a notice to that effect on our website. The notice will highlight the changes made and the actions you have to take if any.

What personal information might VYV collect about me?

We collect information that is essential to provide you with the products and services to which you are entitled and to comply with our legal obligations. The list below highlights different categories of information that we may also collect along with concrete examples of such information.

1. Contact information

  • Your first and last names.
  • Your email and postal addresses.
  • Your phone numbers.

2. Authentication information

  • Your username and password.
  • Your answers to authentication questions.

3. Information about your purchases of VYV products and services

  • Your purchases orders and purchase receipts.
  • Your delivery and billing address.
  • Details of your orders such as software names and versions.
  • Details of your product licenses.

4. Technical information

  • Serial numbers of equipment sold by VYV.
  • The versions of software components installed on your devices.
  • The brands and models of hardware components installed on your devices.
  • Statistics on the use of your VYV products and services.
  • The level of usage of the components (e.g. memory, cpu) of your devices.

5. Information about your interactions with us

  • The date and time of your interactions with our customer support agents.
  • Your support requests and your responses.
  • Your comments on our products and services.
  • Questions and concerns you may share with us.

6. Information about your use of our websites and applications

  • The ections of our websites that you visit.
  • Your IP address.
  • The name and version of your web browser.
  • The type and version of your operating system.

7. Information about your communications choices and preferences

In addition to the information that we are legally required to provide to you, we will communicate with you on the subjects for which you have indicated an interest.

8. Information to enable us to comply with our legal obligations

We may need to collect information about you to meet the requirements of the authorities of the jurisdictions in which we operate and to which you are subject.

Do I need to give my consent for VYV to collect my personal information?

Yes absolutely! Your personal information belongs to you and you must consent to our collecting it. However should you choose to withhold your personal information, it could make it impossible for us to offer you certain products and services.

How is my personal information collected?

We collect your personal information in a transparent manner. You will be notified when this information is collected and you will have the option to refuse. We collect information about you in two main ways:

1. Directly from you

  • By making an express request to you, for example, when you register on a site of VYV or one of its subsidiaries.
  • When you obtain products and services from us.
  • Through dialogue boxes within the VYV applications that you will have purchased.

2. When you use VYV products and services

  • For example through “cookies” when you browse one of our websites.
  • When you want to share your usage data to help improve your products and services.

What will my personal information be used for?

We are committed to collecting only the information that is necessary to serve you on a daily basis. The information we collect about you will be used for specific purposes, of which the following are examples.

1. To identify you

  • To know to whom we provide products and services.
  • To validate your identity.
  • To respect your choices, for example in terms of communication.

2. To offer you products and services adapted to your needs

  • To provide your with the products and services that you have purchased from us.
  • To offer you products and services that may be of interest to you.
  • To notify you of available updates for your products and services.
  • To improve the performance and user experience of your products and services.

3. To provide you with assistance with the use of your products and services

  • To identify you when communicating with our customer support agents.
  • To diagnose and resolve bugs you may encounter when using your products and services.
  • To update your user licenses.

4. To communicate with you

  • To let you know important information about you or your products or services.
  • To notify you of the progress of your support requests.
  • To provide you with feedback and comments that others may make as a result of your postings on our discussion forums.

Who has access to my personal information at VYV?

Access to your information is limited to VYV employees and consultants who need to access it for normal business operations.

With whom may my personal information be shared?

VYV does not and will never sell your personal information to anyone. However, we may share some of your personal information with third parties in the normal course of business.

1. To VYV subsidiaries

If necessary, we will share your information with our subsidiaries abroad so that you can obtain the products and services to which you are entitled, regardless of which subsidiary you contact. All VYV subsidiaries are subject to this Policy.

2. To suppliers and partners

We use business partners to provide certain services that we cannot provide ourselves. For example, your mailing address could be disclosed to a delivery service.

3. To the courts, or to the authorities

In certain circumstances we may be ordered to share your personal information with the courts or law enforcement authorities.

How is my personal information stored?

The information we keep about you is stored on our secure servers and maintained in accordance with industry best practices. If we have to use third parties to archive your data, we will ensure that our partners have procedures in place that are at least as stringent as ours.

When and how will my personal information be destroyed?

Your personal information is valuable and will only be kept for as long as necessary to enable us to provide you with the services to which you are entitled and to comply with our legal obligations. Your current personal data will be erased within a reasonable time, following a written request from you, for example when closing your account. It may not be possible for us to continue to offer you products and services after having erased your personal information.

What are my rights regarding my personal information?

Your personal information belongs to you and you retain your rights even if you choose to share it with us.

    1. You must provide your consent before we can collect information about you.
    2. You can access the information we keep about you at any time and obtain a copy of it.
    3. You can rectify the inaccurate and incomplete personal information that we keep about you.
    4. You can change the personal information we keep about you.
    5. You can request that the personal information we keep about you be erased.

Who can I contact if I have questions or if I am dissatisfied with the treatment of my personal information?

For any questions, concerns or to file a complaint about the processing of your personal information, you can communicate directly with a member of our staff who will be able to direct you to an appropriate resource if necessary. If you are dissatisfied with the answers you receive, you can contact the person responsible for the protection of personal information at the following coordinates:

By mail

Office of the Privacy Officer
342-5550 Fullum Street
Montreal, Quebec
H2G 2H4

By email

[email protected]