Photon helped bring the bash together with a streamlined, responsive, and uncompromising workflow.

What does a mega-star like J-Lo do when she turns 50? She throws the biggest party on the block, of course—in over thirty cities across North America and internationally. “It’s My Party” ran from June 7 to August 11, 2019. Content director, Nick Militello and creative directors Nappytabs called on VYV for the tools and support that let them work free of creative constraints on this milestone tour. .

For starters, what’s a birthday without cake? Working closely with PRG, the main video supplier for the US leg of the tour, VYV transformed three platforms into a triple-tiered cake that rose, fully video mapped, from the stage deck—with the birthday girl on top, of course. Thanks to Photon, two LED processors sampled different content for a whopping 582 INFiLED FLEX 6 tiles to create a cohesive image across each ring.

From turning a B-stage into a birthday cake, 4K video playback with tight synchronization and live video feeds with real-time effects, Photon was there to contribute to the wow-factor and glamour of the show.


While prep time was not unusually short—one month—the exactingness of J-Lo, her management, and creative team was what made this tour a challenge and a privilege. The show was constantly being tweaked and fine-tuned, meaning that video content designer Nick Militello had to continuously adapt or create content.

“Working in uncompressed media was a big highlight for the designer,” affirms Drew Atienza, project manager. The ability to render out media directly without waiting for massive files to convert meant that Militello had his content ready for the next rehearsal, to see what’s working or not and immediately react to it. A missed rehearsal is one less chance to perfect your vision.

“Photon servers and software really give us the flexibility to adapt to production needs.” -Drew Atienza, VYV project manager

This was the first tour run by VYV’s recently opened US office, proving it has the people, technical know-how and equipment to work at the caliber of a large touring show.

  • Creative Directors

    Napoleon & Tabitha D'umo (NappyTabs)

  • Production Design

    Cory FitzGerald, Alex Reardon (Silent House)

  • Lighting Designer

    Alex Reardon

  • Lighting Programmer

    Joe Cabrera

  • Lighting Director

    Shaheem Litchmore

  • Lighting CO


  • PRG Rep

    Curry Grant

  • Lighting Crew Chief

    Jerry “Hodgie” Vierna

  • Lighting Techs

    Todd Turner, Thomas Dubas, John Norton, Robert Behounek, Daidre Visser, Cole Wheeler

  • Tour Manager

    Lindsay Robinson

  • Production Managers

    Casey Gill, Alicia Harnois

  • Stage Manager

    Bruce Haynes

  • Technical Director

    Hai Tran

  • Content Director

    Nick Militello

  • Head of 3D

    Alex Zakoudek

  • 3D Artists

    Tess Boughton & Carly Glover

  • Video Director

    Christian Lamb

  • Video COs:


  • PRG/VER Rep

    Jeroen Hallaert

  • VYV Rep/Project Manager

    Drew Atienza

  • VYV Media Server Programmer/Operator

    Jonathan Masterson

  • VYV Production Assistant

    Grant Palmer

  • LED Crew Chief

    Evan Cervantes

  • Creative Director

    Richard Lindsay

  • Art Director

    Caterina Vicaretti

  • Executive Producer

    Stella Carmody

  • Head of Design

    Jonny Old

  • Head of Motion Design

    Matt Lock

  • Motion Designer

    Neil Van Vuuren & Kyle Downes

  • LED Techs

    Matthew Vassallo, Cameron Trosper, Rachel Hudson, Johnny Martinez, Liselle Bertrand

  • Staging/Automation COS

    All Access Staging, Tait

  • All Access REP

    Erik Eastland

  • Automation

    Zack Eastland, Matthew Garrett, Ted Schroeder, Doug Sager

  • Pyro/Laser CO

    Pyrotek Special Effects

  • Pyro Techs

    Steven Aleff, Rey Mangubat

  • Laser Techs

    Eric Taylor, Louis “Pete” Callahan

  • Kinetic Lighting CO

    Glow Motion/Daniel Slezinger

  • Glow Motion Crew

    Kelsey Heisel, Eduardo Wotzkow Alvarez, Benjamin Brinton, Marty Allen

  • Glow Motion Programmer

    Mike Robertson

  • Props

    Scott Grajeda, Anthony Cooper

  • Carpenters

    James George, Christopher Raines, Deonte Matthews

  • Riggers

    Todd Mauger, Jake Harrelson

  • When

    June 7th to August 11th 2019

  • Where

    Africa, Asia, Europe, North America