La Perle by Dragone permanent show is the result of over 3 years of pre-production and several months of production. Drop the Spoon, whose collaboration with VYV is over a decade old, developed a unique, highly reactive workflow that meshes perfectly with Photon’s real-time capabilities. The content they developed here is central to the show and lights up the custom-designed theatre using 20 projectors on moving heads and an additional 4 fixed projectors. A total of 40 infrared cameras provide motion tracking for multiple objects as well as projector real-time calibration to light up virtually any surface in the theatre.

15 Photon servers deliver 31 megapixels of content and interconnect with many of the show’s other systems. They are capable of sending and receiving Art-Net from lighting, of sending and receiving UDP triggers to sound and of receiving automation information.

This magical show, the first of its kind in the Middle East, launched on August 31st in Dubaï.

  • Client

    Franco Dragone || Drop The Spoon

  • Director

    Franco Dragone

  • Creative Director

    Filippo Ferraresi

  • Video Designer

    Patrick Neys

  • Production Director

    Jean Marcouiller

  • Technical Director

    Simon Lemieux

  • Music

    Michael Brennan

  • Set Designer

    Jean Rabasse

  • Costume

    Phillipe Guillotel

  • Light

    Claude Plante || Alain Lortie

  • Choreography

    Benoit-Swan Pfouffer || Maksim Pasyuk

  • Photos

    Axel Laramée

  • When

    From the 31st of August 2017

  • Where

    Al Habtoor City, Dubai