VYV rose to meet the technical challenge of projecting high resolution videos on two 30-foot high inflatables, while tracking their deformation in real-time. Photon was able to track key points on the surface, providing a seamless projection which appeared to stick to the massive structures, wrapping them in vivid colours and lively graphic video content.

At each new venue, it took only 15 minutes to automatically calibrate and validate 14 cameras and six HD projectors to perfectly cover the 210° of the giant figures. These behemoths maintained their projections even while they were brought on and off the stage, were inflated and deflated, and moved in all directions, including subtle changes caused by the massive crowd cheering around them or motorized movement from the automation system.

Special thanks to Richard Turner, the Technical Director for the Miley Cyrus show.

Tech specs

5 Photon servers | 6 20K Projectors | 8 Tracking cameras | 2 30-foot inflatable 3D screens

  • Client

    Miley Cyrus

  • When

    Since February 2014

  • Where

    World Tour