UAE celebrates its 47th National Day.

The Crown Prince Court of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) celebrated the country’s 47th National Day with an enormous official celebration at the Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi. Done & Dusted, Artists In Motion (AIM), Creative Technology and VYV teamed up to create this showcase of the UAE’s heritage and culture, held on December 2, 2018.

The 47 th National Day of the UAE coincided with the centenary of the birth of the country’s founder, Sheik Zayed. If the country’s National Day festivities are never small- scale, this year’s celebrations—titled “This is Zayed: This is the UAE”—warranted the monumental: 125 projectors, 25 PHOTON servers, 38 cameras and 7 miles (~11 km) of fibre optic cable in the country’s largest stadium. Combined, they turned the stage into everything from a dune system and desert oasis to a royal family album.


The National Day celebrations excellently showcased PHOTON’s ability to not only accommodate but shine in stadium-style venues. PHOTON ensured smooth playback of high-resolution content, thanks to real-time splitting to reduce server load and to systems engineer Richard Thomas, who kept all server outputs running nicely on a vast network. With our 3D-based camera calibration, all 125 projectors were calibrated in just one night.

When last-minute changes were made, our team and software again pulled through. To make up for content cut at the eleventh hour, the team heavily composited some scenes, added effects, and adapted live camera images to add the depth and richness audiences expect in such a significant, grand-scale show. This is the third National Day that VYV has been proud to be a part of.

  • Production Company


  • Production Coordinator

    Poppy Seekins

  • Executive Assistant

    Zachary Figures

  • Line Producer

    Ashley Hosken

  • Director / Executive Producer

    Hamish Hamilton

  • When

    December 2nd 2018

  • Where

    Zayed Sport City Stadium, Abu Dhabi