The Dangerous Woman tour makes use of never-before-seen projection and silhouette tracking technology. VYV managed to blur the line between video projection and traditional lighting with its flagship product Photon. By applying motion capture techniques typically used in the movie industry, VYV was able to drive 25 video projectors that followed a host of its 3D trackers to map Ariana’s every movement.

Ariana’s every move is captured precisely using VYV’s Albion state-of-the-art realtime tracking system. Using 40 motion capture cameras in the grid, Albion symbiotically links her performance with moving lights, projections, and interactive content.

As video projection is a key component in the Dangerous Woman tour, light level control is crucial to ensure that no unwanted light spills on projection surfaces. From the beginning, Ariana knew that this could be achieved by replacing follow-spots with video projection. By combining her precise location in space with partial realtime construction of her silhouette, VYV’s Photon video projection systems succeeded in mapping her body without spilling any pixels of light on the projection surfaces.

On the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman tour, digital projection lit the stage, the dancers, and Ariana herself. This required extremely precise 3D calibration of the 25 projectors and 40 tracking cameras. Such a complex and powerful projection setup, usually nigh impossible due to time constraints inherent with a touring show, is made possible using Photon’s unique automatic calibration technique.

  • Show Direction

    Ariana Grande & Tiffany Olson

  • Show and Lighting Design

    Sean Burke

  • Video System Design

    Richard Turner

  • Video System Provider


  • Video Content Design

    Tom Woodcraft & Terry Scruby

  • When

    From the 14th of March to the 17th of June 2017

  • Where

    World Tour