In May 2017, over 6000 athletes from 54 nations competed in the fourth edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. Catherine Ugwu of “Betty Productions” produced the stunning and spectacular Opening Ceremonies.

In the original stage design, the projection surface consisted up a gauzy material that covered the back wall and floor of a stage that covered half the stadium. To meet these specifications, Creative Technology (CT) proposed 78 Panasonic DZ21 projectors that connected to a network of Photon media servers. Initial tests concluded that the gauze material would be replaced by solid white fabric and called for 40 extra projectors.

This change increased the visual quality and overall brightness to such a degree that it surpassed all expectations for a ceremony of this type. With the surface brightness reaching 800 lux.

The Photon network consisted of 12 eight-output servers, two 4-output servers, and two controllers. The signal distribution was fully-redundant from the servers to the projectors (including the main and backup matrices), ensuring a smooth and flawless projection. With 16 Tb of content management, we could make content updates on the fly instantly.

The monitoring system allowed to oversee all 216 video signals and covered everything from the projectors to the condition of the server raids. All the video signals were biwired and any signal drop immediately switched to the backup SDI sources.

  • Client

    Creative Technology

  • When

    From the 12th of May to the 22th of May 2017

  • Where

    Baku, Azerbaijan