In February of 2014, Toyota presented the future of the brand in Europe, which was a top secret and highly anticipated event by all the European automobile dealers.

The event took place in Templehof, the former Berlin International Airport. Built before the Second World War and decommissioned in 2008, it was the site used for the Berlin Fashion Week and other major events hosted in the German city.

Along the borders of the 72 meter runway that featured the cars, there were 16 double-sided, 3D calibrated screens that hung on automation tracks. Eight of these screens moved horizontally and vertically (7 meters by 3.5 meters), while the other eight only vertically (2.5 meters by 7 meters). Fourteen PHOTON Servers drove the 36 projectors, 18 on each side.

Creative Technologies London did an amazing job at providing everything video-related, including programming and operating Photon during the show.

Tech Specs

14 PHOTON servers | 36 HD projectors | 16 double-sided mobile screens

  • Client

    Creative Technologies

  • When

    February 2014

  • Where

    Tempelhof airport, Germany