VYV’s Photon video servers and Albion stage positioning servers drove the 66 video projectors. Photon was able to automatically calculate the 3D position and orientation of each projector, as well their lens shift and zoom values. Using VYV’s Constellation calibration system, the full process was completed in less than an hour, without requiring that any projection surfaces be present.

To project on the moving boulders and Sky City elements, we embedded 250 VYV Copernic infrared emitters into these objects. Using the Albion servers and 40 tracking cameras, these emitters precisely positioned these objects in 3D space, even at a distance of over 100 meters.

Content was projected onto these shapes at 16 megapixels of uncompressed video, then 3D blended between projectors in real-time. Photon calculated and projected 8.7 billion pixels per second, consuming 103 teraflops of computing power.

  • Client

    Hexogon Solution

  • When

    August 9 2016

  • Where