Jay-Z’s 4:44 Tour Propelled by VYV’s 240Hz Tracking Technology.

The successful deployment of a 360-degree video scenography involving mobile screens was made possible by VYV’s lightning fast optical tracking and real-time projector alignment technologies.

Jay-Z’s latest tour was built around a striking visual idea: 4 massive v-shaped projection screens overhanging a central octagon-shaped stage would move to sculpt a 360-degree scenic space.

This exciting mobile video installation created a huge technical challenge. We had to capture the exact position and orientation of each screen so we could apply geometrical corrections in real-time to images projected by 24 projectors. VYV saw this as an opportunity to test out its newly upgraded tracking algorithm.


In order to maintain a perfectly positioned and crystal-clear image, VYV pulled developers from the lab and sent them into the arena during rehearsals with freshly reprogrammed optical markers and 40 tracking cameras. Our team worked hard to raise the refresh rate of the computer vision system so it can operate at the blazingly fast rate of 240Hz. This upgrade provided our system with dense and smooth tracking data, allowing us to follow the production’s mobile video screens perfectly.

Notwithstanding the production’s sophisticated stage and video design, our team had to deal with compressed rehearsal and touring schedules. Luckily, VYV’s computer vision system does not require intricate procedures such as wanding. Through close cooperation with the stage and automation system designers, VYV was able to integrate its optical markers into the screen structures discreetly and achieve complete system calibration under 45 minutes.

VYV knows how to handle complexity and avoid the common pitfall of extended set-up time. We firmly believe our system is the industry’s most reliable, precise and flexible real-time video image correction system.

  • Production Company

    Roc Nation

  • Creative Direction

    Willo Perron & Associates

  • Lighting

    Jesse Blevins

  • Live video

    Julian Klincewicz

  • Visuals

    Parkwood - Good Company

  • Technical Director Video

    Joshua Koffman

  • When

    From Oct. to Dec. 2017

  • Where

    North America Tour