Opening on the 25th of February 2022, An Evening with Silk Sonic is VYV’s latest accomplishment in Las Vegas. The award-nominated duo composed of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak contacted Drew Atienza, director of VYV’s US division, to help produce the live visuals for their new performance.

The creative team faced a challenge : they had only 3 days between the load-in and the first show to program everything. “We had to “run and gun” to make a full-length pop show in a short amount of time.”, explains Drew Atienza. Luckily, our seasoned veteran was backed by VYV’s resourceful programmer Gabrielle Martineau and the amazing toolset provided by PHOTON. Instead of a run-of-the-mill image magnification job—IMAG in the industry’s lingo—ended up as a generative content extravaganza driven by Silk Sonic’s energetic live performance.


Using the full power of the FX Graph module, Gabrielle composited and mixed the four full HD incoming camera feeds to create original interactive content. Generative masking and keying, film looks, animated kaleidoscopic backgrounds, trails, and many other effects were created in a very short amount of time thanks to PHOTON’s nodal programming system . PHOTON also provided a video mapped feed to the LED-lined scenic backdrop which allowed for shared control with lighting to create dynamic patterns and images across the set.

This event cemented a long-standing professional relationship since our US Director, a veteran of the touring world live visuals, had the chance to work with the Bruno Mars Production company for the past five years. PHOTON has been used in private performances since 2018 but is now the preferred video server moving forward for future shows.

  • Production & Lighting Desgin/Execution:

    Cory FitzGerald, Silent House

  • Lighting Director & Programmer:

    Whitney Hoversten

  • Art Director:

    Joe O'Neil

  • Production Manager:

    Joel Foreman

  • Content Control & IMAG effects:

    Adrew Atienza & Gabrielle Martineau, VYV

  • Video Content Creator & Photos:

    John Esparza

  • Camera Director:

    Steve Fatone

  • Video Lead:

    Krystena Rice

  • Fuse Technical Group Video Project Manager:

    Patrick Eaton