Debuting in late June 2017, UNINTERRUPTED is 30-minute projected spectacle that is being described as a “blend of cinematic storytelling and high-tech art installation”.

Borne of the personal experiences of director Nettie Wild, Vancouver audiences stood in Cooper’s Park, only to find themselves immersed in a multi-verse of media: the concrete underbelly of the six-lane wide Cambie Bridge acted allowed the audience to journey with migrating schools of Pacific salmon.

To cover the 1100m projection surface, they used eight projectors at 30Mpixels with a resolution of 6240 by 4800 pixels. The entire show was controlled by a central workstation connected to two Photon media servers, fed by a 4K live feed, and featured a singular HD with eight output ports. Eight SSDs (1 Tb of storage space) ensured that the content access was smooth and lightning fast.


Technical Specifications

8 Christie Projectors
* 2 Roadsters S+20K, 1920 x 1200px
* 6 Christie WU14K-M, 1400 x 1050px

2 Photon Media Servers
1 Controller
1 Display 8 HD Outputs

8 SSD x 1Tb (6.35 Tb, RAID 5)

Projection resolution:
6240 x 4800 px
1 x Live feed, 4K input

  • Technical Design, Production and Integration

    Colours and Shapes

  • UNINTERRUPTED Technical Director

    Anthony Diehl

  • Production Management

    Gordie Cochran

  • System Design and Integration

    Darrell Smith

  • Production Coordinator

    Arielle Ratzlaff

  • Production Coordinator

    Nathan Dery

  • When

    From the 28th of June to the 24th of September 2017

  • Where

    Vancouver, Canada