Photon Shines Its Light on the United Arab Emirates’ 46th Anniversary.

Even under harsh exterior conditions, VYV’s servers maintain their peak performance when it comes to tracking and calibrating screens in real time.

Creative Technology and VYV-UK team up to deliver dazzling video projections for the United Arab Emirates’ 46th anniversary. A special one-night event, held in an exterior theater built especially for the celebration, became the focus of our dedicated colleagues and business partners for an intense period of three weeks.

This event of great symbolic significance would occur on a single night and would be attended by the royal family and nobility of the United Arab Emirates. Almost 1,500 people would sit in a temporary open-air theater to watch the history and potential future of the Emirates unfold through video projections. This type of setting gave very little space to maneuver. Our colleagues had one shot at making the event perfect.


Creating a video environment with 38 projectors covering a 40-meter-wide stage floor and the proscenium arches was just what we do on a normal day. Adding two led walls measuring a total of 450 square meters to these surfaces would have been plenty for most people. However, our friends had to push the envelope a bit further and project on ten translucent mobile screens made of cloth. Layered in depth over the stage surface and tracked in real time by our systems, these screens were a central feature of the presentation, producing an astounding effect when the video content would follow their movement.

Pulling this type of stunt in a controlled environment like an indoor theater has been done and redone by our team over the years. However, working in an open-air structure subject to gusts of wind coming from the nearby Persian Gulf proved to be a real technical challenge and a test for the robustness of our systems.

“Screens would bulge out due to the effect of wind and literally turn into sails. This change of shape would prevent most systems to adequately project content. However, a special tool developed for Photon, normal edge blending, allowed us to limit the overlap between blending zones and therefore limit to one the number of projectors reaching any screen. We pulled it off.”

-Nicolas Dupont, Photon Specialist, VYV

At VYV, we are constantly developing software solutions in order to anticipate potential problems encountered by integrators working in the field. Our code base is a treasure trove of tools that only wait to be tested by colleagues and partners in real-life contexts.

  • Technology Partner

    Creative Technology Limited

  • Production Company


  • Video Content

    AIM, Gravity

  • Video Producer

    Chris Convy

  • When

    December, 2017

  • Where

    Abu Dhabi, UAE